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Our administrative and clinical team is second to none. We reiterate the pledge to try to help all.

“Serving People Through Exemplary Health Care”

NextGenDoc is a premier provider of telemedicine specializing in primary care. Our board-certified physicians utilize state of the art technology and medical techniques to ensure the highest level of patient care is achieved. We understand our patients have busy schedules and we pride ourselves in being accommodating to our patient’s individual needs.

NextGenDoc is a Physician-led practice combined with easy-to-use and HIPAA-compliant technology-enabled platforms. Our hybrid approach mixes virtual visits with a personalized touch to ensure our patients receive the best treatment — not just an appointment.

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We are a team of medical practitioners who work hard to provide correct diagnosis and effective treatments.

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How a consult with one of our expert physicians works

Tell us more about your health history, allergies, and current prescriptions.

A doctor will review your health history and answer questions about your current health concerns.

Prescriptions are sent electronically and are typically available for pick up in an hour. (*Please contact your Pharmacy to confirm the medication is ready for pickup)

Message us with any follow-up questions about your treatment. We’re here for you.


Texas, Illinois, and Florida

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